My VFX Texture Artist Showreel 2013 - comprised of my work on; World War Z (Cinesite), John Carter (Cinesite), Hugo (Pixomondo), Lexus 'Amazing in Motion' (Painting Practice), BBC Olympics 2012 Spot (Passion Pictures) and the Toyota Prius 'Hum' Spot (Passion Pictures). For enquiries
and availability please contact me by email on nikki [at]
'Beans' by Cinesite
A short film with an unexpected ending...

Written and directed by Animator Alvise Avati and produced by Animation Director Eamonn Butler.
I worked on Beans at Cinesite earlier this year and created the textures for the Astronauts in the short, along with a few other bits, more details on the stills page below.
[Click on the images below to view project pages for additional stills and renders]